Personalized HR solutions tailored to your team.

Flexible services that fit your business size and budget, collaborative practices that fit your people.
With practices that promote respect, transparency, inclusion, and fair compensation, workplaces can become better for everyone. We believe in collaborative and cooperative processes that focus on team success over individual contributions.



We provide one-on-one coaching and management team trainings on building trust and inclusion within teams. Our consulting focuses on understanding and responding to different communication styles, challenging inherent biases and seeing and supporting individual’s strengths. Our services are aimed at smaller companies and we strive to provide management training that is flexible and affordable for any budget.


The last year especially has been a difficult time for businesses and employees. We can help make suggestions for boosting morale that are specific to your team and will make an actual meaningful and long-lasting difference.


Garnet offers a comprehensive approach to evaluating and healing team dynamics. If you have received complaints or are seeing decreased morale or productivity, we can help by observing your team, conducting confidential interviews, and providing a report on where things are going wrong and how to fix it.


Hiring is a stressful and expensive process, and many shortcuts, such as hiring referrals, can be detrimental to building inclusive teams. We walk you through the whole process, from writing appealing job posts to conducting interviews and making a final selection you can feel confident about.


As businesses grow there is an increased need for formalized and transparent processes. Reorganizing your business structure can present logistical and communication challenges as well as interpersonal challenges if handled incorrectly. We can help you design a system that works for your team, identify potential issues before they come up, and present your new system as seamlessly as possible. We specialize in creating systems that minimize hierarchy and focus on teamwork and defining responsibilities.


Sometimes you don’t need specialized consulting, you just need some help with the basics. Especially for small and growing businesses, there is always so much to do and HR is often an area that seems overwhelming and gets neglected. Let us help so you can focus on the work you’re best at.